JK Sharma: Man of Logistics who Believed in Inclusive Growth

By Arun Arora

In this article, Arun Arora outlined the life history and remarkable contribution made by Shri JK Sharma to the logistic sector and socio-economic progress of the nation as a whole. On his first death anniversary Arun Arora remembers the man of logistics. 

This day, a year ago, Shri Jai Karan Sharma left for his heavenly abode. He exemplified a life well-lived. Let us trace his inspiring life journey.

Late Shri JK Sharma (November 1, 1955 – October 11, 2020), son of a farmer from a small village Jhinjhar, Haryana started from scratch and went on to set up the Chetak Group. He created a new benchmark in automobile logistics in India and in the process brought the logistics sector to the mainstream.

Jai Karan Sharma embodied the intrepid entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary in perpetual motion to change the destiny of the transportation industry of the nation.

Mukesh, Rajesh and Sachin Haritash, Directors Chetak Logistics are committed to take their farther
Shri JK Sharma’s legacy forward

He was acclaimed as the leading entrepreneur of the 20th century and commended for his dynamic, path-breaking and innovative leadership.

He was a genius and an inspirational leader. His success sparked the imagination of a generation of progressive Indian entrepreneurs, businesses and business leaders, and for many he remains an icon, and a model to follow.

Jai Karan Sharma’s unique vision redefined the potential of technology in the Indian logistics sector and challenged conventional ways of working.

The business philosophy he followed was short, simple and straightforward. His unique leadership traits included excellent client servicing & commitment and quick and precise decision making.

He had a strong intuition and a six-sense. His decisions were based on his thinking of how things will evolve in the future. He ensured that Chetak Logistics was always future-ready.

About the Author

(Arun Arora is the Goodwill Ambassador – Communication of India CSR Group. The veteran communication and development leader is also the Head and Director of Chetak Foundation, a social arm of Chetak Group.) 

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