India at 8% growth can double economy in 7-8 years, says Niti Aayog

India can double its economy in about 7-8 years if it grows at 8 percent, which is feasible as the country has sustained a growth rate of 8.5 percent earlier for a long time, Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar said on Saturday.

“If things remain normal, and we are not witnessing the fourth wave of the pandemic or any ghastly outcome in Ukraine then we can achieve 8 percent growth because we have done that. If we can do it, we can achieve the doubling of the economy is about 7-8 years,” Kumar said while speaking at the APB Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ summit here.

He said that the target of becoming a $5-trillion economy is not rhetoric, adding that the country is already a $2.7 trillion economy and it just needs to double it.

Noting that India has sustained an 8.5 percent growth rate in 2003-2011, he said, “We must recognize the fact that India is the only country which will have to achieve this growth (8 percent) while fully taking care of the environment.” (PTI)