Keep these 5 things in mind while buying Furniture online in 2022

The epidemic has forced consumers to opt for e-commerce over offline stores. Shopping being one of the most exciting activities is has gained maximum traction on online shopping platforms. However, it can take a toll over your shopping experience if you do not recognize key factors to keep in mind before making the right purchase.

No matter what product you are willing to buy, there are many ways to evaluate relevant products specially furniture. It’s important that we think through our future choices well before placing the order. Below are some important directions to keep in mind before buying furniture online:

Ensure Right Measurement

Measuring can be a tiring task that may seem irrelevant, but it is important. With right measurements you can be sure that the size of the furniture will fit in the chosen room. Note that product sizes may vary so read the description carefully to check accurate dimensions of the furniture.

Look for the same product in different shopping platforms

Most of the time, online shoppers are seeking the same product they saw in offline stores expecting to get that in cheaper prices. But before checking it on one platform, you can see and inspect the furniture through various other online platforms to get an understanding of quality that has been used. You can also try checking with the offline stores to gain more clarity on cost and other important aspects.

Perform Background Checks

Reading and going through the shopping website can be followed by doing basic research about the online shopping company through news articles or LinkedIn profiles, specially when there is no Cash On Delivery option available. View store history and types of customer service they offer to their customers. Also, find out the store’s contact number, address, and email to ensure post purchase customer care support. You can also rely on Live Chat support to gain clarity on your concerns.

Read Customer Reviews

If you are unsure of the store’s shared information or not convinced with the product, look for customer reviews. Online shopping platforms usually provide a segment where customers can post their experience and reviews about the store and their products. The more stars and better reviews they have the better. Also, lay emphasis on the details that reviews hold as other customer’s concern or dislike about colour or other minor details may be of less relevance to you. It is better to take the time to read the negative reviews so that you can weigh the good and the bad better. You can also go ahead and read editorial reviews written by professionals who have used the products.

See Warranty and Return Policy

Since most online stores do not have real stores, it is difficult to retrieve products if they are damaged or shipped improperly. Therefore, do not forget to check their warranty and return policy. No matter what the size of their business, the return policy should be very clear and flexible. Most online stores allow customers to return products within 30 days of receiving them.

Some platforms even offer free shipping options or the option to return products to their physical stores. If you fail to find any customer-friendly option, start finding another online store to ensure your satisfaction.

It is important to educate yourself on online shopping scams and most of these scams involve scammers who pretend to be legitimate sellers. Whatever furniture or product you want to buy online, always make time to do the homework. Relying merely on five stars or single review is not a smart decision. The more details you can get the better decision you can make. Above all, choose your payment method wisely to protect yourself from identity theft.

Authored by

Raghunandan Saraf, CEO & Founder, Saraf Furniture

(Economy India)