EverestIMS Ready to Ride the Crest of 2022 IT Spending Wave

Market reports, research companies and industry leaders are predicting an increase in IT spending that may go up to $4.5 trillion in 2022. At EverestIMS our integrated and AIOps enabled ITOM & ITSM platform with its vast capability set will ride the crest of this wave and well into the future. It pushes out a slew of products with a barrage of features that range across AIOps, Automation, IT Service Management, Change Management and Compliance, Asset Management and more.

Our observation is that this prediction ($4.5 trillion IT Spend) will hold up very well as most enterprises across the world are gearing up for substantial IT spends across the board. From modernisation to automation, the thrust behind this will be to upgrade obsolete and outdated IT Infrastructure; cater to enhanced capacity; address security issues, and to bolster remote workforces across the spectrum.

Our entire products and solutions from both a horizontal and vertical fitment meshes neatly with the above predicted growth and we see all our offerings playing some sort of a role in this story. Some amongst these products may see sharper growth trajectories.

Infraon Secura for example will observe good traction as there will be an enhanced focus on Zero Trust Network Access pertaining to security and thwarting malicious actors. SecuRA is perfectly geared to take on this challenge – it ensures that no unauthorised action or access is made to the network and ensures heuristic protection of an enterprise’s IT Infra and Assets.

In terms of targeting we would rather take a holistic view of things. Rather than a single or dual focus, we look at the entire IT ecosystem as a whole. Our ITOM Platform approach helps manage the planning, provisioning, performance, capacity, cost, security, and uptime of IT infrastructure and services spanning private and public cloud along with data centers.

Gartner divides the ITOM market into three minisuite categories — delivery automation, experience management and performance analysis — in addition to a roll-up of mainframe and other non-specified ITOM tools – and this is exactly what we address.

It’s not enough just to talk about technologies as rather than technologies, we can indicate areas of focus and expansion that the world would need to place emphasis on. Security from an IT Infrastructure perspective (not antivirus) is going to be big. Intrusions will no longer be from external threats and we would need better tools to protect the network and mitigate attacks.

The adoption of AIOps is going to be a challenge as it means different things to different companies. What we foresee is AIOps supercharging IT operations through automation; and ITOps bringing a transformation to modern cloud and hybrid environments through a Unified Management Solution.

We observe that Data-driven IT operations, IT Infrastructure improvement based on “Business Value”, meeting customer demands across speed, quality and cost, adoption of ML and AI in IT Operations, ESM Adoption and reducing IT wastage will be where companies need to gravitate towards.

Overall we look at the immediate future with excitement as we are placed in a pole position to cater to upcoming enterprise needs. We have been accelerating our product and technology development for a long time and are all set to ride the crest of this wave with exuberance.

Authored by

Satish Kumar V, CEO EverestIMS Technologies

EverestIMS Ready to Ride the Crest of 2022 IT Spending Wave
EverestIMS Ready to Ride the Crest of 2022 IT Spending Wave

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