IWD 2022: Break the Bias, be a Woman of Substance

The International Women’s Day, it all started on 9th March 1911 from Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. 64 years later, in 1975, United Nations decided to celebrate the entire year as ‘International Women’s Year’, with a focus to emphasize on social, economic, cultural, historical and political achievements by women. And in 1977 UN declared 8th March as ‘International Women’s Day’.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, a Trustee of M3M Foundation, a philanthropic arm of M3M India says, “We are talking about breaking the bias this year as part of International Women’s Day. We are very proud of what the women have achieved, particularly in India, where most of the population lives in rural areas. Certainly, this achievement has been through continuous focus by the Government through its dynamic policies, but also importantly a willingness, a determination and a constant thoughtfulness by the women who decided to come forward and make their presence felt in the society at large.”

“There is no doubt that both, men & women are an integral part and contributors to the society, and undermining the existence of either is questionable. Having said this, it should not happen that by celebrating the International Women’s Day we should be seen ignoring another pillar of the society, the counterpart.”, Dr. Payal added.

“India is a land where female goddesses like Goddess Lakshmi – a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity, Goddess Saraswati – symbolizing knowledge and growth, Goddess Durga – a symbol of the power of goodness, purity and strength, are worshipped across the country. Even the rivers of India – River Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati are sacred and worshipped. The ‘motherland’ as we call our country, and ‘mother-tongue’ as our native language are strong symbols of the respect that we carry for women. Women have always been looked as the givers of life, and in fact in India, as we say, every mother is a reflection of God in a human form” says Dr. Payal Kanodia.

M3M Foundation has implemented multiple initiatives to empower deprived and underprivileged women through their flagship project iMPower. Project iMPower motivates the deprived women to develop new vocational skills through systematic training and development programs that are bound to impact their social and economic conditions. Dr Payal Kanodia believes that no matter how small the initiative may be, if it is for a good cause it will have a big impact. Just like the butterfly effect, it will go a long way towards achieving the holistic development of the society.

“The true meaning of International Women’s Day would be when we can confidently say that we have impacted the lives of every needy woman in India, including those who represented the underprivileged sects of the society, and they have successfully transformed into women of substance, are self-dependent, and who have successfully accomplished their dreams.” says Dr. Payal Kanodia.

India, which has changed in the last decade, is certainly and steadily moving towards a much more balanced society, with equal status, and no room for any biasedness. And in this mission of new India the corporates have taken a lead.

(Economy India)