2021 has been a “watershed year” for the Indian economy: Mangalam Birla


It has been reported that The Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, Kumar Mangalam Birla Friday said that 2021 has been a “watershed year” for the Indian economy after the reforms of 1991.

Speaking at the virtual annual session of ICC, Birla said that 30 years after the first wave of reforms in 1991, this year there has seen an investment boom in the country making India an economy of the size of USD three trillion.

“India is a fast growing economy with a diverse society. Since 1991, this year has been a watershed year with reforms like labour codes and fixation of legacy issues in telecom,” the company said.

During the pandemic there has been deepening of the digital economy. “Consumption of data has increased manifold in India. Capacity installation of renewable power has received a boost”, the company said. (economic times)