Uplift your Home This Spring with A Citrusy Shot Of Aroma


By Ridhima Kansal

After the hibernation of winter, spring has come to most parts of India. The season connotes a sense of general awakening and renews positivity and inspiration after a period of chilling cold. As spring mirrors a sense of freshness, greeneries, and blooming flowers, the time calls for equally refreshing aromas.

Generally, citrusy aromas go very well with the spring season. These zesty, tarty, and refreshing aromas are perfect for this season after the headier and more spicy aromas used during winter. Citrusy aromas are also a little outdoorsy and are in sync with the prevailing mood which calls for adventures, fun, and frolic.

Citrusy Aromas In Vogue

When it comes to citrusy aromas, the first name that features on the list is lemongrass. Once native to Southern parts of India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, lemongrass is today widely grown in numerous parts of the world including the USA and Europe. It is used in soaps, perfumes & colognes, personal care products, and home aromas. It is known for its energizing tones that can uplift the mood and refresh the mind. It also pairs well with spicy and floral aromas. Anecdotal evidence suggests that lemongrass aromas are blessed with plenty of therapeutic benefits. It can help in combating stress and fatigue and has a natural flair to infuse liveliness & zing.

Other popular citrusy aromas include Bergamot, oranges, lime, etc. Lime is a very revitalizing and clean aroma and can help in restoring physical and emotional well-being after a long & hard day at work. Bergamot is also a sharp and zesty aroma like lemongrass but is relatively sweet. If you want a little milder and sweeter citrusy fragrance, then Bergamot is the perfect one.

Sought-After Home Aroma Products

The world of home aromas has changed drastically. Once home aromas meant inexpensive room fresheners, sprays, etc. However, today there are plenty of products to choose from. Nowadays, home aromas are no more a luxury but are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of our lifestyle.

To charge up your home with the desired citrusy aroma, you can use a diffuser, potpourri, scented tea lights, sachets, candles, etc. Besides, regular products like room fresheners and sprays are also a viable alternative. In recent times, diffusers are becoming very popular. Besides electronic diffusers that work on electricity, Reed Diffusers are becoming popular in homes, the hospitality sector, offices, etc.

One simply needs to immerse the reed sticks in diffuser oil to generate a spontaneous aroma. Generally, ~ 10 sticks are good enough to freshen up an area of 150-200 Sq. Ft. For open spaces and larger areas, one can increase the number of sticks. Like an electronic diffuser and burner, a reed diffuser does not create ash or require fire, thereby making it perfect for a home with kids and pets.

Scented candles and potpourri are other great products that can do wonders to satiate olfactory indulgences in this season. Potpourri, which contains dried leaves and flowers, is also visually appealing and can enrich the interior décor. It can be used at the entrance of homes, offices, and retail spaces to give a warm welcome and add aesthetic appeal. Similarly, it can be placed inside drawers, laundry hampers, cabinets, etc. Potpourri can also be kept on the side tables or lampshades in the bedroom.

In a Nutshell

As the season of bloom continues to progress, so does the desire to replenish the subdued mood from the winter with the redolence of enlivening natural aromas. Add to that the transition of home fragrances from novelty product to home decor product that is no longer restricted to the affluent, their popularity continues to soar.

With everyone gearing up to enjoy the season’s essence, citrusy fragrances are a perfect choice to usher in the spring. Moreover, with Holi also coming up soon, it presents an ideal opportunity to share the exotic spirit of tangy aromas with friends & loved ones in the form of our gift sets.

If one is considering a complete revamp of the ambiance, then a refreshing dose of bergamot or bubbly lemongrass is great, especially for spaces where they spend most of their time chilling out.

Authored by Ridhima Kansal, Director, Rosemoore

(Economy India)