India’s Coal Production Increased by 2% to 79.54 Million Ton


India’s coal production increased by 2 % to 79.54 Million Ton (MT) from 77.99 MT during February this year as compared to Feb 2020. As per the provisional statistics of Ministry of Coal, during Feb 2022, SCCL and Captives/Others registered a growth of 7.19% and 49.04% by producing 6.04 MT and 9.24MT. Whereas, CIL registered a negative growth of 2.87% by producing 64.26MT in comparison to 66.16MT on Feb 20. Coal Production of FY 22 has been compared with FY 20 as FY 21 has been considered as an abnormal year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Out of the top 35 coal-producing mines, 14 mines performed more than 100 percent. Five mines’ production performance was between 80 and 100 percent and another five mines’ performance stood between 50 and 80 percent.

Coal despatch increased by 7.480 % to 71.27 MT from 66.31 MT during February this year as compared to Feb 2020. During Feb 22, CIL and Captives/Others registered a growth of 4.90% and 38.17% by despatching 57.47 MT and 8.38MT respectively. Whereas, SCCL registered slightly negative growth of 0.81% by despatching 5.41MT in comparison to 5.46MT in Feb 20.

At the same time, the Power utilities despatch has grown by 15.27 % to 60.06 MT last month compared to 52.10 MT in Feb 2020. Fall in import prices have been observed since the end of Oct 2021. However, prices are still at high level discouraging coal import.

Coal based power generation has registered a growth of 7.58 % in the month of Feb 2022 in comparison to Feb 2020. The overall power generation during last month has been 5.49% higher than the power generated in Feb 2020. However, coal based power generation in the month of Feb 2022 has been 85534 MU in comparison to 88642 MU in Jan 2022 with a negative growth of 3.51 %. Total power generation has also decreased in Feb 2022 to 112531 MU from 115757 MU the previous month. (PIB)