India CSR – the one stop platform for CSR planning and possibilities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its offshoot domains have now become one serious affair in India, just within seven years of it becoming a mandate in April 2014. Going beyond boardroom discussions, CSR spending in India has crossed a whopping Rs 1 lakh crore (CRISIL) milestone. Being the first country to mandate CSR, India has practically demonstrated how the large CSR funds that include the PM Cares too, expertise and resources bank has aided our fight against COVID. All stakeholders have created a conducive environment towards the common agenda of global good.

Rusen Kumar, Founder and CEO of India CSR said that for effective implementation and impact, the Government is also making frequent amendments and improvisations in CSR laws. But with these frequent changes of laws, and the need of the hour with the advent of pandemic, stakeholders, sustainability professionals often get into confusion and bereft of resources. In these historic changing times, when CSR policymakers are hunting for a compendium of updated laws and CSR investors are struggling to be innovative and ethical, while the implementing agencies are continuously looking for funds and resources, where can they find easy solutions?

Evidently, there is a dire need for a one-stop solution platform, which can provide comprehensive information and development in the area of business Sustainability and Responsibility. Much before the advent of the CSR act in India, India CSR ( digital platform was established in 2009 with the same aim. A CSR devoted e-platform facilitating purposeful conversations, updating readers with comprehensive information and development in the area of business Sustainability and Responsibility. India CSR is dedicated to those who wish to update themselves with recent developments, understand how other organizations are applying the innovative ideas in CSR and Sustainability for competitive advantage.

Promoted by India CSR Network,, the platform offers a portentous bouquet of services to its subscribers. With more than 15000 well-articulated, authenticated live write-ups on trending topics in CSR and Sustainability, India CSR has become a connoisseur of related resources. These features offer insights on Corporate Governance, Business Responsibility, Human Rights, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Workplace Safety, Industry 4.0, CSR 2.0 and other Socio-Economic issues.

The 3As- Appropriate, Authentic and Articulated remain the USP of India CSR updates. Not just informative articles, the interviews of leading and inspiring development professionals are uniquely transcripted into intimidating coherent stories, which seamlessly convey every bit of relevant information, personal connect and resource compendium alone.

Every day hundreds of elucidating write-ups are uploaded on the platform, updating readers with the latest happenings around CSR in India and beyond. In the past, these updates, marked with links, bios and geographical identifications have served as a data bank of the resources for the ones in need. Eventually many associations, partnerships and projects have transpired out of these liasoning opportunities by the India CSR platform.

Not just limiting to virtual exchanges, India CSR has also ventured to be the host of the year’s most sought-after conferences, dialogues, and workshops around the hot CSR trends. Acknowledging & felicitating best practices, responsible and sustainable organizations, honoring CSR & sustainability leaders, these events are attended by who’s who of the CSR domain. These events also amplify the learning & networking opportunities within stakeholders.

For almost 12 years, and more than 5000 subscriptions by leading development companies and professionals, India CSR has grown leaps and bounds and proven to be the most creditworthy chronicler of social performance of the Indian Business Community and first choice of information and knowledge on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in India.

(Economy India)