Economy has been growing significantly post the second wave of Pandemic, Says Finance Minister


It has been reported that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman noted yesterday that the economy has been growing significantly post the second wave of pandemics and indicators such as imports, exports, PMI Manufacturing, Digital Payments, etc. have already reached pre-pandemic levels.

Sitharaman highlighted that with favourable international perception of India’s growth and in light of the structural, sectoral & financial, reforms undertaken by the Government of India, Global and Domestic Investors are upbeat about the investment attractiveness of the country.

States should leverage this opportunity to scale up investments and growth.

The Finance Minister also said that the Government of India has taken concrete steps to increase capital spending and drive infrastructure and investment-led growth.

Benefits of Higher Investment in Infrastructure manifest in form of increased employment opportunities, access to market and materials, improved quality of life and empowerment of vulnerable sections. (business-standard)